No Harm, No Foul in PSN Outage, Says EA Sports

Kotaku - EA Sports president Peter Moore brushed off the suggestion that the PlayStation Network outage did particular damage to his label, which has in the past two years seen significant revenue growth through its downloadable content, especially in its popular Ultimate Team offerings.

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N4GAddict2593d ago

Good, i'll go back to fifa 11 then

afterMoth2593d ago

Peter Moore, no longer being a complete douche? Bizarre!

ismejks2593d ago

anyhow, PSN now stronger than ever

NBT912593d ago (Edited 2593d ago )

Yep, and it only took the loss of millions of personal details to get it that way.

U mad disagrees?
Are you saying the hack is not the reason for increasing the PSN security?

WooHooAlex2593d ago

We're still talking about the PSN outage?
I thought we moved on from that. Appareantly not...

NBT912593d ago

Despite Sony mentioning it at E3? Or every other publisher / developer still talking about it?

DragonKnight2593d ago

Troll somewhere else. Part 2.

caliman872593d ago

He understands the situation. Just a hickup with a valued partner.