Microsoft Corporation acquires the domain name, price unknown

Fusible - Just a little more than a week ago, in a post on this blog I asked the question whether Microsoft would broker a deal for the domain name, after Microsoft had revealed Halo 4 at E3 without owning the domain.

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hudsoniscool2740d ago

someone should go make a halo 5, 6 site so they can make some money when microsoft wants to buy it.

DasTier2740d ago

Or that person could get a job and make something of their life.

despair2740d ago

I'm betting someone already made 5,6,7,8 and 9 and are just waiting for an offer.

kaveti66162740d ago

Sometimes, very rarely, I feel sympathetic towards the corporations.

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ElementX2740d ago

Hardly news. Just a pathetic attempt from a loser site to get hits. Who has ever heard of anyway? It's common place for domain names to be bought by developers and publishers for their upcoming games.