Developers Using Underclocked Wii U Dev Kits

A white paper published by Hit Detection suggests that developers are currently using underclocked development kits which resulted in Nintendo not showing actual 3rd party gameplay footage during last weeks Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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B1663r2738d ago

Seems a small issue compared to Nintendo needing to basically build an social network presence from scratch...

TheViper2737d ago

You mean as in they need to enable Facebook and Twitter access?

What in the world does that have to do with underclocked dev kits?

Lyle912738d ago

Considering a lot of developers are saying the dev kits they have are more powerful than PS3/360, then the fact that they are under-clocked would be amazing.

D0ffy2737d ago

Exactly what I was thinking. Would be extremely awesome if it was a pure powerhouse. Though I don't believe power is everything, it would certainly be a nice addition to see the Wii U burst out some insane graphics.

ilikegam3s2737d ago

oooooo wont be surprised if these 'underclocked' wii u dev kits have better gfx output than both x360 and ps3. :P

If they are, imagine what the gfx would be like if it is overclocked :D

SCW19822737d ago

Fool me once nintendo shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

jacksonmichael2737d ago

The Wii fooled you...? If graphics are that important, couldn't you tell beforehand that it was a bad idea...?

jaizenmonillas2737d ago

Not even a single trailer impressed me so what can an overclocked wii u would do?

TheViper2737d ago

If the Zelda demo or bird demo did not impress you, might I suggest you go watch some CGI animated movies, have a coke and a smile.

jaizenmonillas2736d ago

those were not gameplays, just tech demos i remember 360 putting some awesome tech demos but never really seen those kind of graphics in an actual gameplay

TheViper2736d ago

These were rendered on the fly using underclocked dev kits and interactive. And from the X360 demos I remember (some film noir scene and a car crashing) it has exceeded those long ago.

D0ffy2737d ago

What is too late? It's just been announced xD

Though I can see that some things were certainly not clear at the presentation, but saying it is "too late" is just a troll comment.

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