Resistance vs Halo; Why Nathan Hale Always Wins

Adam writes: "I stopped by the store today to pick up a copy of the Resistance 3 demo for the wonderfully low price of 18 bucks. They even threw in a copy of the film Battle: Los Angles, which was a nice perk. After finishing my third run through the demo, I came to a realization. In the battle for alien themed, console specific series, Resistance is far and away better than the often trumped up Halo. And as a public service, I’ve gathered up a few of the reasons why."

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ATiElite2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

"and so the Fanboy Rage war begins"

Rynx2739d ago

lol I'm a Resistance fan but that title is funny. It's to think that Nathan Hale always wins, when he died in the second one!

jack who2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Nathan who?

this most be one of those unfunny inside jokes

Inside_out2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

First, let me say that resistance 3 is looking very good and could be the best game in the series so wouldn't be that hard tbh.

Resistance is a Halo rip off...everybody knows that. Sony wanted to be hardcore to take on what they perceived to be their biggest threat, M$, and they lost. While they moved away from what made PS2 so popular, Nintendo walked right in and took back the position they had owned for a long time prior to PS2 and has double the sales of last place Sony.

Halo doesn't have to make any excuses. They franchise is one of the highest selling franchise ever and continues to be with no end in site. A lot of that was the doing of a great dev in Bungie and it remains to be seen if 343 studio`s will be able to continue the tradition...I`m sure they will.

The Halo story is only confusing to the casuals and haters. If you try and jump into any franchise or series of any kind ( movies, soap operas...etc ) you will never understand without putting in some effort ( READING, going back and playing past games ) the story behind the games. Bungie as well as 343 studios has always done a great job of getting the stuff across.

Halo Reach was a fantastic game with a great story, animations and effects and characters everyone could relate to. That game, had it not been for the elimination of the team members, could of been a franchise onto itself.

Here`s a great scene when the commander of Noble team takes one for humanity and gets the job done...

It is some sort of video game crime that this game was ignored by the gaming media even as it broke records. Bungie, in my mind, showed with this game that they could be successful anywhere, anytime. If Halo, the franchise was a multi-plat, it would easily rival COD or any other franchise.

Halo: Reach was awarded top honors for Outstanding Real-Time Visual Effects in a Video Game. This reel showcases a sampling of the special effects team's spectacular work.

I think Rez 3 could be a great game and franchise BUT only time will tell. Halo franchise is already great, that is beyond any doubt.

Achemki2739d ago

Jeebus dude, next time just type "I fap to Halo" and save yourself the aneurysm.

StanLee2739d ago

@ Achemki

Laughed so hard at your comment, I started crying. LOL!

refocusedman2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I dont agree with his heading but, he does make some valid points. I'm personally tired of halo and I really dont think that halo's story is very compelling, at least as compelling as people make it out to be. If youve played the resistance serious although part 2 was a step back you have to admit it was cool how things ended up. Insomniac games has never gotten credit for how well the story to resistance series has unraveled.

Legion2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Really... he calls Master Chief the perfect Hero and then he falls short of Nathan because "Nathan Hale was a broken man, a simple soldier thrust into a terrible situation, simply trying to survive".

People buy a game to escape reality. I want to control that character that kicks-ass and asks questions later.

Resistance is a better story then Halo? Really...? Why? They both are save humanity types of games. Though resistance is more a save Britain theme to start out. They both have personal interaction with relative characters and moments of impending doom. Halo is set in the distant future, Resistance is set in an alternate past? Which is better the old... this is what life would be if it was different or the this is what life might be in the future given the same timeline. We all know that Resistance was made to garnish the WWII fans who love them that COD.

Halo is a universe of story. It has linking storylines with the Reach, Halo Wars and ODST stories. Each bringing a new insight into how the whole story progresses. And will continue into the 2nd trilogy of Master Chief continueing his lonely venture into the universe with only his automated companion Cortana to keep him company.

Master Chief has history behind him... we know how he grew up. We know how he lost his promised love. We know that he is a man doing a job and in that time period he has lost every friend that he has fought beside. We want to know what happens to him next.

Nathan Hale... what do we know or care about his story? He goes through trials in the game but we never feel like we can empathize with him. He is a character that we are watching from the outside. What is his real history?

Gameplay... we know that Resistance is just a shadow of what Halo is, wishing that it could live up to the control and feel of the shadow that falls on it from the Halo series. The enemies have no character to them. they seem like the same old thing around every corner. They toss in a few big bosses and think that the gamers are going to be happy. Halo might have the occasional humorus grunt tossed in... but we know the conection between all of the enemies and their hierarchy. We know how seperate species have formed the covenant and how we have enemies fighting enemies within the story plot, one enemy trying to destroy humanity just to escape the greater enemy the flood. In Halo we are even siding up with previous enemies to battle past transgressions against them in the Halo 3 series. The next trilogy will surely bring a new enemy face to battle and the fans are anticipating the confrontation and story.

Nathan Hale is a mere shadow of Master Chief... as is the franchise Resistance to that of Halo. We don't call games Resistance killers when we hype them... we call them Halo killers. Because Halo is the game that FPS are struggling to surpass.

dc12739d ago

I couldn't care less about a Halo vs Resistance debate. .. It good to here that there is another Halo trilogy coming down the pike

But you my friend have proved that you don't have an objective bone in your body.."See Gameplay paragraph".

Hope you enjoy R3 later this year as well as H4 on the next.
Happy Gaming!

thehitman2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Well I agree with u about master cheif has more story behind him etc when u started talking about the gameplay it became a fanboy rant. Res >Halo and Halo isnt the game FPS are struggling to pass CoD is and still I think Res:FoM is the best FPS this gen.

I also have a lot of die hard halo fans and they have openly expressed the bad campaign in the last 2 halos. If Res was a 360 exclusive with die-hard fps fans im sure it would have grown to be a bigger IP then Halo.

EVILDEAD3602739d ago

Well said Legion..

Resistance is actually a pretty good franchise that could get even better with R3..but it's not even in the same league as Bungie's Opus..

That's just keeping it real..Resistance served it purpose of being the best launch title for the PS3..but it was never Halo..and this age old debate isnt even close to being worth revisiting


Achemki2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

"We" call them Halo killers?! Umm, the only ones still using the term 'Halo killer' in 2011 are Halo fanboys. That's it. COD killed Halo like 4 years ago as the world's biggest FP$.

Halo 3 ODST and Halo Wars have meta' averages below MANY other FPS and brand name games including Far Cry, Killzone, L4D, HalfLife, Resistance, Crysis, COD and Battlefield. Halo Reach has the same avg as the older KZ2. The war is over.

Even just from a technical analysis, 2008's Resistance 2 outperforms 2010's Halo Reach . Keeping it real indeed.

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