Gamer Gaia: NCAA Football 12 Preview

When one thinks of the American College experience, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? No, not Asher Roth, keg stands, and flip cup, but some good ol’ fashioned college football! College football is back once again with NCAA Football 12, and it’s promising to be better than ever with upgraded visuals, a re-invented dynasty mode, a brand new collision system and much more.

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GetoverHere1222743d ago

Excited for this years addition, looks like it will be better than Madden.

JakePayne2743d ago

This should easily be the best NCAA game out so far

flipmop442743d ago

it certainly will get a play from me at least once

GregoryAllen2743d ago

I've never really played football in a video game before. That tradition shall continue.