Ghost Recon Online - E3 2011: Wii U Walkthrough Part II (2/2)

The Ubi team shows off a very early demo of Ghost Recon Online's multiplayer running on the Wii U.

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dubal-e2737d ago

I'm liking this game, I may buy it at launch.

bloodowl2737d ago

Or you could play it for free on the computer.

matey2737d ago

why when u get pc graphics exact and a new next gen interface that mimics the pda's the soildiers use i know where my money goes i seen a leak where an emplyee said it will be $10 on download 4 WiiU it is defo a download title

dubal-e2737d ago

I dont care if its 10 or 80 on Wii U, Im definantly not playing it on PC, PC gaming definantly has the best visuals if u can afford the best PC, but it also has the smallest community. Consoles rule gaming everybody knows that, and love em or hate em, nintendo is the current king of consoles. So ima buy it on their new system.