Kinect for Windows SDK beta available to download this week

Spring may have already sprung, but Microsoft appears ready to finally deliver its promised Kinect for Windows SDK to coincide with a live web event tomorrow, Thursday June 15. According to a report by WinRumors, the release is being timed along with a special Microsoft "Channel 9" streaming presentation on the Microsoft Developers Network site.

Microsoft Spain president María Garaña reportedly slipped the news during her presentation at the Red Innova conference in Madrid today. The MSDN site is currently hosting a countdown to tomorrow's announcement, which is when we'll presumably learn the full details of the beta.

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BitbyDeath2652d ago

Not sure how this will work, doesn't everyone sit directly in front of their PC's when using them?

I know i do.

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@BitbyDeath, have to agree with you on Win 7. I stayed with XP for extra long time because Vista was such a disaster.

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How exactly does it work that you got troll rated twice in one article and you still have three bubbles?

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B1663r dont worry its way better having one bubble make your comment walk away dont have to reply im lovin it,stir the pot move on to the next crap.