E3 2011: Telltale Games Reveals First Details on The Walking Dead Video Game

LOS ANGELES -- Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman have entered into a long-term agreement to produce games based on The Walking Dead. The developer was on hand at E3 to discuss the first details on the new game, which can be seen in the exclusive video interview below.

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ThorneTK2742d ago

Its a licensed game so the likely-hood of it being crap is high, but god help me I love the Walking Dead so I'm still going to try it out.

femshep2742d ago

no....just sick of zombies EVERYTHING IS ZOMBIES

the walking dead comics were awesome the show.....not so much

Mystickay862742d ago

The show is still awesome, even if they went a slightly different direction. Can't wait for season 2.