Nintendo Consoles Played By 73 Percent Of U.S. Gamers, Says Company

Gamasutra: "Amongst all U.S. game players that use dedicated consoles, 73 percent use Nintendo products either exclusively or in addition to competitors, according to the company.

Speaking to analysts at E3 last week for the first time since its Wii U announcement, Nintendo of America president and COO Reggie Fils-Aime cited internal research (consisting of surveys) to show that Nintendo's active users outpace those of its competition."

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fluffydelusions2739d ago

Er don't think it is that much but definitely up there.

Active Reload2739d ago

Wii has great games, contrary to popular belief. Im thinking about picking one up, I've gotten an itch for some Metroid.

ZombieAssassin2739d ago

Just wait for the Wii U I believe it will have BC, unless of course you don't feel like waiting or paying a lot for a new console.

NatureOfLogic2739d ago

I was planning to purchase a wii for the new zelda, but I've decided to wait for the wiiU.

morganfell2739d ago

I think they are confusing people that play a Wii in addition to Nintendo's competitors with the people that have a Wii at their house to attract dust away from other consoles.

Rainstorm812739d ago

Are they talking about in history? if so they it could be true but for this gen only?..Unlikely

Unless they are also counting people who picked up the wii at a friends house once and never touched it again

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Rynx2739d ago

"the company (Nintendo) says", "internal survey"...

PR is such a sneaky little practice.

nopunctuation2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

They said "Nintendo products" so that is a pretty broad range of consoles. Its hard not to find someone who doesnt have a DS or a gameboy so id say this is believeable.

Agent-862739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Really? Not only do I not own a Nintendo "anything", I've never owned a Nintendo product. I respect the company for helping end the gaming industry decline in the early '80's. However, the actual games never appealed to me. Nintendo has always been too oriented to kiddies and families for my tastes. I like my gaming more mature.

My first console was the Genesis because I wanted to play Road Rash, Desert Strike, EA sports games, the kind of stuff that wasn't on SNES. It's been that way ever since. Playstation was a better choice for me than N64 and it's way too goofy controller. The PS2 also had more of what I was looking for than the GameCube "lunch pail".

The other game machines were also more useful: my PS1 could play CD's and my PS2 could play DVD's. These days, I'm mostly a PC gamer, but if I had to be a console only player, I would be on a PS3 or 360. Wii? Couldn't even imagine it.

Rainstorm812739d ago

i dont agree on SNES Agent as Ea sports and the Strike series was on it, not too sure about road rash i remember playing that on genesis as well.

But after SNES, nintendo systems started the kiddie approach and lost alot of quality 3rd party titles.

rabidpancakeburglar2739d ago

Alternative headline

"Nintendo Consoles Purchased By 73 Percent Of U.S. Gamers But Left Untouched For Months, Says Company"

LoaMcLoa2739d ago

"... Due to the lack of releases for The Last Story, Xenoblade and Pandoras Tower"

Nes_Daze2739d ago

Exactly, before I graduated, I would hear about people having a Wii, but most of them will touch it once a week at best. Most of them know almost nothing about gaming.

Agent-862739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Guess I'm in the 27% minority, then. This sounds like a made up figure and, besides, it is the results from a poll, not actual numbers. Even worse, is that they are internal surveys (not 3rd party conducted polling)....that sounds impartial (surprise, PS3 and 360 are only used by 23% of gamers according to this flawed survey....that's combined and I find that very hard to believe). Sad part, is they then talk about it like it's a fact. I know a lot of gamers and not one of them games regularly on a Wii. Most of them don't even own one and, the ones that do, it is just a major dust collector.

manman62739d ago

My Wii collect more dust than anything in my room

witchking2739d ago

Mine too. Not sure it would turn on.

SCW19822739d ago

It should say instead of play, have collecting dust in their house. I am so disappointed in my purchase of a wii.

ZombieAssassin2739d ago

Same here I bought it, played the very few games I wanted too then sold it for cheap to my aunt for my cousins birthday.

jukins2739d ago

those numbers are inflated because its a corporate poll of targeted group of consumers lol.

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