E3 2011 Evaluations: Microsoft, Sony, & Nintendo

E3 2011 is behind us. How did each company perform? The grades are in.

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EVILDEAD3602742d ago

The author's piece is on par with 99% of the fan kids that will say anything to smear the 360. Thank god..we ACTUALLY saw the conference for ourselves to prevent the flat out lies used during the smear agenda.

Basically, he took anything Micrsoft used on stage and tried to add his personal negative spin and use as much mis-information to get his point across.

Check the brilliant quotes..

'Mass Effect 3 take longer to say the dialogue than to select it with the controller' when was the mantra 'FASTER with Kinect' coined by ANYBODY. The point of adding the voice integration was that it adds an additional level of immersion into the game and games like Kinectimals actually proves that talking without a headset and having the game characters react does just that.

What the author didn't mention (because it's a positive of course) is that Kinect actually reduces play time at the heart of Mass Effects gameplay..the combat. Before you would have to pause the game and input exactly what you wanted the characters to do..unpause..and what the character react while you tried to control what your character does. Now you can naturally direct the characters to move and use their individual powers without being pulled out of the game.

Micrsoft NEVER said that Kinect will be a mandate to be used in ALL future titles. What he said was where it made sense like navigation using voice commands would likely be used. mainly because Kinect does all the work of decoding voice riyght form the hardware. The developrs do NOT have to program it in. Which is why it makes sense moving forward. Bioware already stated that they would never have done Kinect usage if it was a 'tacked on' experience. But of course the haters WIll try to paint that picture.

'The Kinect Star Wars game looked atrocious. There was sometimes a 2-3 second response delay to the demonstrator’s movements'

Because it was evey Star Wars presentation has been thus's a vid 'lip-synched' by the presenter.

'The two guys playing football in Kinect Sports Season 2 was utterly embarrassing. Why wouldn’t someone just go outside and play real football/catch rather than pretending to in their living room?'

UTTER FAIL..Please tell us why we pretend to play NFL, NBA, Golf, etc. in our living rooms by pressing but and using controllers instead of going 'outside'. Why does Nintendo attempt to use those same types of motion controls for the Wii? Motion Sports' football is an actual blast, which is why you see it in Kinect Sports and ultimately Madden in 2012.

'Not putting online multiplayer in Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary is a total bonehead move. The main reason people wanted am updated version of Halo was to play multiplayer over Xbox Live, something that wasn’t possible with the original.'

What an idiot..They CLEARLY stated that they are using at press 8 original maps from the original Halo: CE. Not only that you now play co-op over Xbox Live in the original campaign for the first time in history. Not to mention with the press of a with the original graphics or the updated Reach overhaul.

Look it's fine if you hated the Microft conference. But if you have to lie to get your point across, then it's clear that it's just another fan kid who has a site and is fighting the good ol' console war agenda.

Grade of this sire E3 article: F-


moparful992742d ago

You reacted to this "personal Opinion" piece in the exact same manner you are chastising the author for.. I too watched the conference and it was a kinect fest.. What happened to all of the exclusives?? This is the worst time to be a 360 owner.....

EVILDEAD3602741d ago

Yup..he gave his personal opinion of the conference..gave my personal opinion of the piece..only difference is I didn't has to distort the facts...which is why I chimed in..

Speaking of opinions..I disagree as an actual 360 games that is the BEST time to be an Xbox gamer...see for me it's about playing the games I love..for you it's clearly about pretending it's about pretending that games don't exist on the system you don't play..

In fact offline I was just discussing with some 360 owners that there are too many great games for ANYONE to digest in the final two quarters

September..Gears if War 3 is going to dominate the world
October..Forza 4 looks easily to be one of the best racers to grace ANY system Halo true fan will be without HALO anniversary

Not to mention the fact that Batman, Rage,Skyrim, Battlefield, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are as big and in most cases bigger than ANY exclusive on ANY system.

Kinect fans are going to flock to K sports 2 and Dance Central

And the game that started on the 360 and has the majority of fans us finishing this January in a ridiculously huge way in Mass effect 3.

And you can't name an exclusive bigger than Halo 4 if you tried that was announced at any of the other conferences..

So please try and pretend that there are no games on the 360...because millions of gamers will prove you wrong when they support gaming and not type the usual fan kid agenda online..

In fact it's an even better year to be a multi-console gamer..which I am and always will be


moparful992741d ago

See your OPINION of gears, halo, and forza dont reflect the actuality of things.. Are they triple A titles that are important to the system? Yes they are but aside from adding polish and a few features to an already established formula 360 exclusives have been in a stalemate for several years now.. There's no more innovation coming out of the supposedly deep talent pool at their disposal.. Just like the author stated what about Rare? One of the most respected developers was swallowed up by microsoft only to become be stuck making lukewarm kinect titles... Calling people idiots and even debassing their character because their opinion differs from you makes you the one in the wrong... I have yet to say anything about your character or attack you in a personal way.. I simply pointed out the fact that your sensationalist way of reacting to someones honest opinion makes you no better then the people that your speak down on from your high perch... Learn some humility...

EVILDEAD3602741d ago

Wait..let me get this straight..the author tells the world that Halo does not have online multiplayer surmising 'what a bonehead move' when the conference CLEARLY mentioned online I surmised in my opinion 'what an idiot'..MY 'humble' opinion of the author using the platform to support misinformation for something so simple as 'what an idiot'..opinion stands

Look I could care less what your opinion of microsoft exclusives are..if you want to pretend that games like Halo Reach or Forza 4 have 'no innovation' then you can EASILY make the same argument for EVERY franchise on every other system.

As for Rare, They attempted Perfect Dark..both retail and arcade..they even tried to 'innovate' with Banjoo..but got IMO a bunch of undeserved backlash. Microsoft wisely used them to create to reinvigorate the Live experience and they were extremely successful even in the face of the hate from the usual suspects.

Microsoft then used them for Kinect Sports which is the most successful Kinect game and IMO the best game for Kinect thus far. Not only did Kinect Sports assist in Kinects overall success its impact has inspired EA to now utilize Kindct for every one of their sports titles next year. Kinect sports 2 is not a Rare game as many would have you believe as clearly it was Big Park..Microfiche other studio studio acquisition. This does not rule out that Rare could be working on tiles for 720 which will be announced next year..either way Microsft has the right to utilize it's investment in any way they see fit..IMO Rare is being used wisely and if they pull off a next Gen Killer Instint all will be forgiven


moparful992741d ago

Just because his reporting isn't solid and contains misinformation doesnt give you the right to insult him... Morale standards aside you are feverishly defending EVERYTHING microsoft does... You have yet to aknowledge the fact that the number of high profile exclusives has dwindled and all of microsofts focus is on the kinect which despite your arguments in the contrary is a casual fun fest... If you are giddy for kinect then by all means go crazy but as for the majority of gamers we demand then kinect sports and dance games...

EVILDEAD3602741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

This is way too easy..

It's so interesting that you are trying to call me out for 'insulting people' and 'defending everything Microsoft'?

Ok..let's put the mirror in front of YOUR face..

When another auther made his synopsis of E3 and YOU didn't agree with him..what did YOU write..

'Seriously?? Wow the article was "OK" until the nintendo portion.. He comes out and says the WII U is definently more powerful then the ps3 and 360 but then says the specs werent revealed.... Umm How do you know its more powerful then? Speculation, someones a closet nintendo fanboy and his bias bleeds through his writing.... I voted this nonsense down'

These are YOUR words..

So wait a minute..didn't you just write this to me

'Calling people idiots and even debassing their character because their opinion differs from you makes you the one in the wrong... I have yet to say anything about your character or attack you in a personal way.. I simply pointed out the fact that your sensationalist way of reacting to someones honest opinion makes you no better then the people that your speak down on from your high perch... Learn some humility...'

Ohhhh..I get's do as I say not as I do..please tell us from YOUR high perch..when are YOU going to learn some of that SAME humility?

It get's better..You want to act like I’m defending everything 360..when someone wrote an opinion piece titled 'Why I’m not buying a PS3'..CLEARLY his OWN personal opinion..look what YOU wrote in response..

'Is it me or is this Opinio... err I mean "NEWS" article rife with the stench of a fanboy who is hiding behind thin excuses for why his fanatacism wont let him buy a ps3?
It just goes to show that subliminal fanaticism is rampant in this country'

I rest my clearly dont practice what you preach. In fact you throw huge stones from your very brittle glass house. I could go in..But at the end of the day..ANYONE can see through this blatant hypocrisy.

See it ALL the time here on this site..people say ANYTHING to fight the console agenda..but as usual it's internet ducktales

I could easily retort the rest of your statements..but lost all credibility..we know were your negative energy comes..