Skype appears in Sony's PlayStation Vita Keynote in Brazil [Game Generation]

Today Sony Brazil hold a special keynote to show new products and during the PlayStation Vita presentation the Skype logo was shown with the PlayStation Vita!

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Kon2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

Tats mah coutry

On topic: Interesting enough, i wonder what skype logo was doing there?

Warprincess1162738d ago

Stop trolling. You're horrible at it.

PirateThom2738d ago

Oooh... OK, if Skype is included, I may have to change to a 3G version...

gaffyh2738d ago

PSPgo also has skype, so it was kinda a given that it would also be in the PSV.

PirateThom2738d ago

PSPGo was also released before the take over... however, any deals/contracts before then would have to be honoured anyway.

gaffyh2738d ago

True, but MS did say they would keep all the deals going.

NateCole2738d ago

You don't buy a company for 8 billion and then start cutting out their already established customers.

a_bro2738d ago

DLNA is also there. thats going to be pretty cool if it supports that.

a_bro2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

being able to stream your music and videos through your home network. just like the PS3.

pretty much, to keep it simple, being able to stream your music and videos from your PC to your PS3/Vita.

TripleAAARating2738d ago

yep I use it all the time, it's really awesome to see it for the VITA..... the PS3 is the center of my home's multimedia entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.