FemShep Will Be on CE Box Art, Get Her Own Trailer

Border House writes: "Fans of the female version of Mass Effect‘s Commander Shepard rejoice: BioWare Marketing Director David Silverman has confirmed on Twitter that not only is the company working on a trailer featuring FemShep, but she will be included on the box art of the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3. Silverman also took an informal Twitter survey for input on what the trailer-FemShep will look like."

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Kon2740d ago

I think she's pretty stale compared to the Male Shepard.

ATiElite2739d ago

Their gonna have her pictured in the SSV Normandy's galley wearing heals, make-up and an apron

An oven mitt on one hand and a feather duster in the other and a caption reading "Oh no your home early" while reapers are in the back ground eating cookies and milk with Sheppard reading a paper and telling Femshep to fetch him a cold one.

The back cover will have BroShep putting his clothes back on and sneaking outta Femsheps window with a caption reading "I wish sheppard would work some over-time".

TenSteps2739d ago

I respectfully disagree mainly because Mark Meer's voice for the most part was stale compared to Jennifer Hale's.

despair2739d ago

lol I realised that most people very much dislike the other gender shepard after playing with the first, never met someone who liked both male and female versions. I personally can't stand the Male Shepard, he sounds flat and rushed, but then again I've played 2 ME games with the same female Shepard, so there's that.

PirateThom2740d ago

I play as BroShep, but it's criminal that Jennifer Hale did amazing voice work in the game and it's just not heard by, I'd guess, the majority of players.

Solans Scott2739d ago

My version of Commander Shepard is female and I must admit that Jennifer Hale did a fantastic job at bringing the character to life. Femshep for Mass Effect 3.

Cheeseknight282739d ago

I absolutely despised Mark Meer's voice so I went with FemShep. No regrets.

Might do my paragon playthrough with a "John Locke Shepard."

Baka-akaB2739d ago

I wish they sought a voice at least as good as Jennifer Hale for male shepard .

A few other male shepard voices , like the french one are even better than their original english counterpart

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