100° Podcast 60 – Society Shift II

This week the Paranerds are joined with Casual James and they speak about New Releases along with De Blob 2, Darksiders, Call of Duty: Black Ops, WWII Aces, Red Dead Redemption, No More Heroes and Marvel Vs Capcom 3. They also talk about News (see below) and how video games are viewed in society. Also Rooster talks a little about X-Men: First Class and they review BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 for the PSP and David Haye’s Knockout for the iOS.


EA Lost Some Fans With Dragon Age II
Bonus Stuff in “Welcome Back’ Package
Naughty Dog Talks Playstation 4
Resident Evil HD and Code Veronica
Wii U 50% More Powerful
Gamestop Drops Wii Price
EVE Online Hacked
Sony “Doesn’t Discourage Modding”
Silent Hill Collection only on PlayStation 3
Gamers Boycott Battlefield 3

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7bitarcade2738d ago

First time listening today, looking forward to it.

Theparanerds2738d ago

Thanks hope you enjoyed it

triverse2735d ago

One of the best all around gaming podcasts I have heard in years, believe me, I listen to about 35 to 44 hours of podcasts a week and The Paranerds are in the leaders group.