Bethesda Hackers Attack the CIA

Lulzsec, the hackers behind the Bethesda break have decided to hit their next target, The CIA.

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Kon2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

LOL suckers. Now they're officially f*****

Organization XII2471d ago

I dont get it, what does Bethesda have to do with them?? The CIA? Hells yeah, FBI next please!

captain-obvious2471d ago

they are fucked alright
but this is not gaming news

nopunctuation2471d ago

Lol just keep poking the bees nest what dont ya...

fluffydelusions2471d ago

They will be getting man love in the shower for the lulz

a_bro2471d ago

they must have balls of steel to pull that off. this is getting really lame though...

Godmars2902471d ago

And they were never heard from again...

solidjun52471d ago

2 things happened after that event.

1) what Godmars290 said, "And they were never heard from again... "

2)Their farts never made a sound again.

Myze2471d ago (Edited 2471d ago )

"...and Boggs never walked again. They transferred him to a minimum security hospital upstate. To my knowledge, he lived out the rest of his days drinking his food through a straw."

You can replace "Boggs" with one of the hackers' names for the effect.

Ser2471d ago

"2)Their farts never made a sound again."


Ah...that was good.

I feel sorry for these guys, eventually they *will* be caught.

Surfaced2471d ago

Haha they're screwed now. Arrogance overload.

FredEffinChopin2471d ago

"The CIA site is still down at the moment and I just can’t wait for the reaction to it. Perhaps lulzsec will be taken down by the US government or the alternate option (aka the way I want to see this go down): US government get angry and tries to take down lulzsec, lulzsec gets pissed off that the US can’t take a joke and decided to fuck with the status quo even more, resulting in more Lulz"

Nice, very mature of you.

MeanGentlemen2471d ago

Changed by the Editor of the site.

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The story is too old to be commented.