Duke Nukem: Forever - Drink Along with Dan & John

Watch Duke Nukem: Forever get played as it was meant to be played; with lots of booze. Basically a Let's Play turned Drinking Game.

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bifuteki2739d ago

Lol very funny commentary on you both. Yes over a decade and I find it a bit annoying as a game. Great post gentlemen!

SantistaUSA2739d ago

hmmm golden tities! :D lol

DrFUD2739d ago

Played it last night for a few hours while drinking an Icehouse 6 pack of tall cans.
The game is great!

explicitd2739d ago

Icehouse hell ya. Duke would approve.

DrFUD2739d ago

Good to see you're in the know.
Ice brewed bubbles for you.
Enjoy the game