Kotaku - Uncharted 3’s Creators Plan To Fix The Right Things

Kotaku - A couple of years ago, in the summer before the release of the second Assassin's Creed I found myself discussing the many things that were wrong about the flawed first game in the series.

Once in August and then again in September, senior people on Assassin's Creed II walked me through some of the many fixes they had planned for the sequel. Their plans sounded too good to be true, because, well, they all sounded so right. They didn't sound like hype or the marching orders of a focus group. They felt like surgically precise self-critiques. Sure enough, Assassin's Creed II was far superior to its predecessor. The game's creators had learned from their errors and crafted something great.

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Dramscus2687d ago

It is sounding better and better.
I'm almost good just with the realistic bar brawl.

In any case I have the first two so I really should get this one. I know it'll be worth a play through and some multi player action for a bit.

LocO_o2686d ago

Love Uncharted but hope they add a little it of more freedom to the game.

The Uncharted universe just makes you want to go out on an adventure and explore with out any restritions.

M-Easy2687d ago

Did they just compare Uncharted 2 to the 1st Assassin's Creed? Smh Kotaku.

cr33ping_death2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

ok second time i see smh.... what is smh? enlighten me :)

edit: thanks alfa...bubble for you.


Shaking My Head
or Scratching My Head.

despair2687d ago

These internet abbreviations are getting dumber and dumber; "Scratching/Shaking My Head" really?

ReservoirDog3162687d ago

Well in the context they meant how they took what worked in AC and expanded on it in AC2, which was a great game. The stuff that didn't they ditched. Same as what they're trying to do it Uncharted 3, right?

I don't get your point. They didn't compare it to Haze or DNF or some other not very well received game.

Hicken2687d ago

Because, usually, developers only fix the things that aren't broken.

ZombieAssassin2687d ago

It honestly seems like it sometimes.

bigjclassic2687d ago

Near the end, it felt so forced on you. The climbing and puzzle elements in this game were supbar compared to the 1st Uncharted and the online felt tacked on.

I know from E3 that the online looks to be really killer this time around, and hope the fix some of the pacing issues i had with Uncharted 2.

SageHonor2687d ago

Uncharted 2 i have to say is over talked about and overrated by reviewers and the fanboys.. thats it i know its a great game.. but yea

keith-ps32687d ago

i know what u mean i felt that way playing it but the first one was new to me i play the demo like 30 times

Burackus2687d ago

There is no way you played the game if your saying the pacing was off I have a feeling your just trolling

likedamaster2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

You're not the only one, trust me. ND thought we'd be content with the same platforming mechanics & controls from UC1, obviously less animations than UC1, and a broken aim blur for UC2. This I suspect is how they got the game to look so good. Did I mention the endless cutscenes after cutscene, and many you couldn't even skip?

Assassin's Creed did these things I just mentioned 10x better. But to each their own. Like a Kobe to Jordan, folks were just looking for another good game to put on a pedestal and dare I say, overhype.

The story wasn't particularly interesting either. Presentation? Great. Voice overs? Excellent. Overall story arc? Forgettable. Wasn't like a movie, whatsoever.

But I digress, many never played UC1 so they wouldn't know if they simply got UC1 but prettier & with multiplayer.


You are not alone. I feel the exact same way specially about the transitions of climbing to the shooting parts which were more fluids on the first games and you are spot on about the puzzles. But the way I see it the case is more about the first Uncharted being ignored and underrated by the media than about Ucharted 2 being overrated, as it was still a great game.

I mean, for sure Uncharted 2 had seen some rates beyond it's merits as some 10s. It's a great game, but was it perfect? However it usually happens to every games that receive considerable hype and don't fail to impress, just as a hyped game that is good but don't blow minds around suffers underrate and unnecessary comparisons, see GT5's case... That's the price of overexposure and expectations.

But if you look at reviews of both Uncharted games from the same sources and compare you will notice how they make a big deal of some stuff on the second game that they barelly noticed on the first, like graphics, storytelling, characters, voice acting, gameplay and specially the multiplayer, which I don't remember reviewers asking for, au contrair, they would generally praise the single player evolution with the nice A.I., but when Uncharted 2 came out they were all acting like "hey, Naughty Dog got it right this time, it's rule #1, attach multiplayer to each and every game out there".

And even through some of the media adressed those characteriscs of Uncharted back in 2007, the biggest injustice to the first Uncharted would follow after reviews as it didn't receive any awards or became a point of comparison (now references for Uncharted in reviews are common, even developers try to compare their games to it all the time) despite the first Uncharted being at least 90% as great as the second game... It simply never became as recognizes as it should, if Sony had cut Uncharted franchise after the first game for any reason, Drake's Fortune would become one of those games that went highly overlooked at it's time just to later start the desire of remakes and sequels.

earbus2687d ago

Your not the only one mate i didnt think much of it either it wasnt bad just typical a little too typical,i wont get to try U3 ylod but may have a look in store.

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