Battlefield 3 pre-order in Sweden includes "SpecAct kit"

Yet another Battlefield 3 pre-order has been revealed, this time in Sweden, which includes exclusive multiplayer skins called "SpecAct".

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callmedom942740d ago

Just read it on your site from you guys' tweet. Good stuff

I_find_it_funny2740d ago

nobody will rage over skins

Wenis2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I thought the skins in BC2 were kind of dumb. On a snow level, who in their right mind would pick a black and tan camo over snow white camo. The only one I liked was the russian medic skin, so you could have a green beret instead of that bright red one that made you stick out like a sore thumb.

PhantomT14122740d ago

Yeah and they deserve it since Sweden is their turf. DICE is one of the things they can be proud of besides Volvo and IKEA^^

Shackdaddy8362740d ago

Pretty cool. I wonder how they look.

They will probably combine all this stuff into a big DLC(maybe free) later on...

RaptorGTA2740d ago

The promo they had for the ones in bc2 was the extra pins were nice.

Isis062740d ago

Am I the only one who thougt the new skins for BC2 had better camo???

Hufandpuf2740d ago

Wow, not only do i not get guns and ammo, I can't get 8 skins. This is getting worse and worse.

Shackdaddy8362740d ago

N. America will get their turn...

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