Former Gamesauce editor lectures on Understanding Game Journalism

Gamesauce Magazine's former European editor Vlad Micu was invited to speak about this and four other topics at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland last week. This lecture explains how you should understand game journalists as people and treat the importance having the game press write about their products. The topics covered in part 1 are:

1.45 Quick recap: How press Works
2.30 Who are these people?
3.30 Similarities between press
6.40 Brand Boyer’s GDC 2010 rant
7.45 When things go wrong in game journalism
9.45 The unwritten rule of game journalism
10.30 Why you should know this stuff
12.00 Know your real enemy, the big publishers
14.30 Don’t use their tricks
15.45 What happens behind closed doors
17.00 Wake up and smell the coffee

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Faunus2711d ago

Awesome and interesting lecture about gamejournalism.

This is stuff you can learn from!