N4G at E3: Skulls of the Shogun Hands-On

Cat writes, "Another gem from the IndieCade booth, Skulls of the Shogun was one of the best games on the E3 floor. Described as an action-arcade strategy game that takes only the best parts of Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics and mixes them in an arcade blender, Skulls of the Shogun is a turn-based RTS game. Get all that? There's more. Battling across the seasons with up to four player multiplayer, each player gets one minute to move their army, commanded by a powerful general that acts as both the king and queen piece."

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Gamesauce2740d ago

This game is amazing. Jake Kazdal and his team are making magic with Skulls!

Cat2740d ago

It's a really fantastic title!

Raendom2740d ago

Looks real nice, almost like a Behemoth game.