EA Is Not Responsible For Pulling Crysis 2 Off Of Steam

GameFront has received a response from EA. Apparently they did NOT pull Crysis 2 from Steam. Rather, it was a result of Steam’s policies.

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Pandamobile2534d ago

Well, they obviously violated some sort of TOS agreement, so they're still responsible for it, even if it is indirect.

ct032534d ago

They probably violated it on purpose, so they could have an excuse to pull the game from Steam.

gamingdroid2534d ago

As much as I don't like EA, it sounds like a Steam issue. Why would it matter what EA is doing with other digital download services for Steam?

ATiElite2534d ago

They violated TOS on purpose as a way to opt out of Steam contract without being sued.

Anyway i will be buying less EA software. Battlefield 3 retail is a must but after that i will not be wasting my time logging into a thousand different services just to play a dam game.

hate to say it but pirating of EA games will increase as Gamers only like Steam cause they do it right.

NYC_Gamer2534d ago

i'll just have less EA software

RahatR2534d ago

Wow wonder if it affects other publishers...

KeiserSosay47882534d ago

I REALLY hope that EA doesn't make BF3 exclusive to Origin...I'm thinking that they may do that, but I really want it on Steam on release day.

a_squirrel2534d ago

If BC2 and MOH are both on steam, don't sweat it.

Are_The_MaDNess2534d ago

but alice is not?
i think they are keeping some games from steam that they will make more money of Origin

BTW: Alice Madness return is on Origin

STK0262534d ago

I read somewhere that future EA titles would likely receive some exclusive bonus or DLC on Origin, although I could have read wrong. And, as written below, Alice is not on Steam, but can be found on Origin, which could mean that EA will keep some titles exclusive to their own DD store, which doesn't seem like a wise business decision to me.

Theo11302534d ago

I wonder what will happen with the EA/Vavle distribution deal.

5 bucks says they break, and Activision or 2k/ Valve distribution.

NYC_Gamer2534d ago

they should break away from EA after this lame move

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The story is too old to be commented.