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CheatCC says - The original Wii Play released in early 2007 as a clever marketing strategy for Nintendo. The game was bundled with a Wii Remote, offering a few samplings to would-be skeptics and presenting parlor games to the audience it was aiming to grab hold of. With the initial success of Wii Sports, the Mii-based Wii Play presentation was an easy addition to offer the casual and family based console owners. With the controller-enhanced WiiMotion Plus yet to receive stable third-party support, Nintendo has taken it upon themselves to showcase its potential with their newest bundle, Wii Play: Motion.

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pepsilover_20072714d ago

not bad for a wii play sequel

Lyle912714d ago

I loved the original. I'd like to play this if I ever buy a Wii again. More than likely it will have to wait until the Wii U launch.