Kinect is Microsoft’s masterplan to keep us hooked to team Xbox

123KINECT: So, people keep talking about ‘Kinect 2.0′, but maybe there doesn’t need to be a Kinect 2.0... as Kinect 1.0 will do just fine as Microsoft's masterplan to keep all of us with team Xbox.

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WhiteLightning2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Dosen't seem like a very good plan to me because not every core gamer likes Kinect or is interested in it. Which one do I choose?

Microsoft's master "Kinect focus" plan


Sony's plan at giving us core games and amazing exclusive experiences

mark01922714d ago

Kinect is still optional obviously, but it is a way to get people to stay on the Xbox platform as described in the article

HeavenlySnipes2714d ago

but instead of just doing small things like the Mass Effect thing and making it do voice control and shit, they are trying to hard to make it the main focus of Xbox entertainment.

Lower its price
Make it used for voice control small menu things
Maybe it will be received well by the hardcore community

Rainstorm812714d ago


I was almost certain a small pricce cut was coming at E3 maybe to 100 even. But the avg gamer isnt going to buy kinect for half assed on-rail experiences.

I love the multimedia functionality but its not quite worth the price of admission for me.

WhiteLightning2714d ago

Your right mark0192 but the thing is these people who are going to stay on the Xbox will be casuals if Microsoft keept this up and with more casuals buying an Xbox for Kinect they will eventualy push the core gamers away.

The only people left will be casuals and those dedicated 360 fanboys.

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JokesOnYou2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

So let me get this straight, a company should NOT invest in a product that they themselves believe in because= "not every core gamer likes Kinect", OK that makes sense, and there are plenty of core gamers like me who dont like handhelds, so should sony NOT invest in the psvita?

And I'd say microsofts "master plan" is giving 360 fanbase more of the same experiences they love the most like Halo4, Forza4, Gears3, (all blockbuster core games) Fable should be fun too, we also are getting hit xbla titles & indie games all the time, then I'm sure cult favorites like Alan Wake sequel will appear soon, with 1 or 2 new IP's, all of course with the best online functionality and the best versions of the big multiplats like ME3, Ghost Recon, and COD.....ALL that + a focus on more hybrid kinect games>>>> WASH RINSE & REPEAT= core gamers and casuals alike will continue to make 360 the huge success it is today.


Sony's plan at giving core gamers what YOU think are amazing exclusives....a few I actually agree are amazing, but I still prefer my 360.

theonlylolking2714d ago

Microsoft abandoned the core gamers by not supporting the first xbox at all once the 360 released. With the xbox 360 they are abandoning the core gamers by focusing on the casuals.

Bonobo123452714d ago

really, really hope Sony don't leap on the bandwagon with this one..
Damn you casuals! your ruining gaming!!!!

WhiteLightning2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Tell me about it

I remember when gaming was just a "thing" for a group of people who were actually interested in games, not this "Everyone can be a gamer" approach, your ethier a gamer or you aren't why would you need convincing with gimicks. Now you get people who aren't even gamers, no offense ladies but mostly girls, who play on like 1-3 games and they call themselfs a gamer <sigh>

But I guess the gaming industry saw that Casual games = bigger audience which = more money

blumatt2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

It'll do fine this generation but if they want to keep using it for the NextBox, they need a Kinect 2.0. You can bet that Sony will have a Move 2.0. lol I just hope they both give us the option to use the old ones if we don't WANT to upgrade. That would at least be nice.

HeavenlySnipes2714d ago

Sony would release a better PSeye, so that it could track small 2D body movements AND the move controller. That way, we could play a RPG or something and duck and lean our bodies and use the Move to control our weapons.

I also, wanted the new one to have better head tracking because using the head tracking feature in GT5 is kind of wonky for me.

voodoopickle2714d ago

I really dont want to have to use motion controls for an rpg, or racing games. in fact I really dont want to be forced into controller-less gaming at all until they perfect VR

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