Skyrim: Making Fantasy a Reality

Anyone that's laid their eyes on Bethesda Softworks' eagerly anticipated Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the follow-up to its smash-hit Oblivion, at this year's E3 came away positively salivating at the possibilities in store for the game.

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captain-obvious2623d ago

I hope all of this hype pays off

pangitkqb2623d ago

Can't wait. Day 1 purchase for me. Oblivion, with its mods, expansions, and the main storyline, ended up providing over 320 hours of quality entertainment for me.

Skyrim looks to be an improvement in all the right places. Can't wait.

nopunctuation2623d ago

Overhyping always leads to disappointment. I expect Skyrim to be like Oblivion but with better graphics and nothing more. Anyone expecting God in a disc is going to be in for some disappointment.

Zinc2623d ago

I don't think anyone is actually expecting 'God in a disc.'

From everything I seen and heard, it's going to be a great game.

Saryk2623d ago

This is one of the few games that I want to buy at release. But knowing they are going to add DLC and/or expansions, makes me want to wait. Decisions!

Tex1172623d ago

Hey, if they address the problems with Oblivion, remember what made Morrowind great and wrap it all up in some well written quests with engaging and fun combat, then it will not be overhyped.