White Knight Chronicles 2 Gets Pre-Order Bonus Items

While eager fans of Level-5′s mmorpg in North America have to wait until August 2nd to return to the world of White Knight Chronicles, GameStop has made the wait a bit more forgiving.

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WildArmed2735d ago

I guess I'll be picking up WKC2 from Gamestop too.

I wonder if Amazon can 1-up Gamestop on WKC2 DLC lol

FamilyGuy2734d ago (Edited 2734d ago )

I noticed this a few days ago, still waiting on Amazon to up the ante, I doubt it though seeing as their site has a ridiculously incorrect released date of December 2012 at the moment.

@ the article

There's no such thing as cosmetic only armor/weapons in WKCs. The stats probably won't be great but it'll definitely have stats.