The Controller Online: RockSmith Preview

The Controller Online writes "Coming this Fall, Ubisoft plans to revolutionize the Guitar gaming genre with their release of “RockSmith”, the first and only game where you can plug in any real guitar. How does “RockSmith” differ from any other guitar genre video game; glad you asked; you’re not triggering samples like in Guitar hero or Rock band, you’re actually playing notes/chords using real techniques on a real guitar. You might be thinking “I can’t play guitar, how am I suppose to play this game”. Well, “RockSmith” offers a dynamic interface, which will actually teach you how to play the guitar. The interface resembles playing in front of a mirror, the notes will come down the screen, just like in guitar hero or RB. The game offers four difficulties, each person will start off with the basic difficulty that only has you play about 1% of all of the notes in the song. As you get better the game adapts, if you start hitting all of the notes, it will gradually add more notes, if you...

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