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The Chimera are spreading across the Earth, eradicating every human from existence, one city at a time. Only a few select pockets of resistance remain, forced into hiding to flee the murderous Chimera. Stepping up into the dusty and travelworn boots of the protagonist this time around is Joseph Capelli, who many may remember as having a climactic effect on the end of Resistance 2 (which I shan't spoil, just in case you didn't finish it). Joe's currently on the run after leaving the army, taking his family along for the ride.

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GetoverHere1222444d ago

Gah! can't wait to get my hands on Resistance 3!

Cwalk8162444d ago

I don't want to spoil anything, but I don't like the circumstances in which you have to play a new character in resistance 3...if you catch my drift.

JakePayne2444d ago

those circumstances were indeed... unfavorable

HeavenlySnipes2444d ago

what? You played it already?

Cwalk8162444d ago

I'm talking about the end of resistance 2...

ares21al2444d ago

Eh.... MW3 and BF3 will be better, not wasting my money on another 60$ rental

HeavenlySnipes2444d ago

of those games have splitscreen online AND campaign coop. And can be played in steroscopic 3D. (Its also one of the few games using servers and have separate login for the PS3)

KRATOS-PS32444d ago

you can't compare this to MW or BF you fool. I've played the Demo of Resistance 3 and it looks and plays on par with Crysis 2.

honestpizza2444d ago

I can't even begin to explain my excitement for this game!

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