Neocrisis: New Ridge Racer Unbounded Screens

Neocrisis: Here are new screenshots for Ridge Racer Unbounded coming to PS3, 360 and PC.

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omi25p2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

Riiiiiiiidge Racerrrr!!!!

Kon2737d ago

They just killed RR with this game.

TheKindRoost2737d ago

westernisation, it only kills classics

TheoreticalParticle2737d ago

No shortage of meaningless and stupid subtitles coming out of Japan.

Just call it Ridge Racer 8, or whatever number it is, goddammit. "Unbounded" doesn't mean anything, and nobody's going to buy a game because you slapped a stupid name onto it instead of a number.

MidnytRain2737d ago

Unbounded: Having or appearing to have no limits



Companies always replace numbers with subtitles because it devalues the brand when numbers get too high and it might confuse customers. You don't see Ratchet & Clank 6 or CoD 8. They need to be differentiated in a better way and have their own identity.

TheoreticalParticle2736d ago

1) None of the Ratchet & Clank games had numbers. That's why it makes sense for them not to be making a Ratchet & Clank 6. Switching from numbers to subtitles is the stupid part.

2) You have trouble understanding context apparently. "Unbounded" means nothing in the context of the game world. You're constrained by the tracks, the guardrails and the roads. It's pretty damn bounded.

Has limits, and does not appear to be without them. Ridge Racer 8: Bounded.

boc2737d ago

From what I've seen of the game it's *not Ridge Racer. It's garbage. Burning up cars, explosions this is total *crap. They can put any name they want on this game, it is not a Ridge Racer game. Over & out............