Golden4games: Alice: Madness Returns Review

Is the idea of pre-visit Wonderland?? Would you like to go on a trip to?? If your answer is yes, know that you are not going to entertain!! You are going on a mission and an adventure horror!! You are going to save Wonderland from the evil and darkness that wants to control them, the Witch and the Wonderland fairy will die if people did not save them!! You face the followers of the dark and fight until you return the city to safety, and will help you in your journey Alice crazy do not be afraid of them, they will not hurt you but will help you in this adventure, all you have to control them and play them locked in this adventure horror in Wonderland on the Games gold by Submit your review for months arts cartoon Alice in Wonderland

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N4GAddict2739d ago

Really hate the average scores this game is getting, should be more

Queasy2739d ago

Eh, depends on whether or not it is deserving of them.

ismejks2739d ago

to be honest just saw someone played few days ago, it actually looks fun and exceeded my expectation.