EA Origins Keeps Your Game After One Year

Steam users are used to buying their games, having their wallets raped on weekend sales and being able to download their purchased games any time they want…but that isn’t the case with EA’s Origin which has already pulled most of their games from Steam’s Library.

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Kamikaze1352653d ago

Most? They only pulled two....did that change from yesterday?

DistrictMime2653d ago

I think its just their newest games that they pulled.

2652d ago
lil Titan2652d ago (Edited 2652d ago )

i dont use valve but i saw this and thought it was funny

Dart892653d ago

This won't sound to kindly for pc players.

HammockGames2652d ago

No, it won't. They've already lost this customer.

I have 2 games through Origin so far, and that is all they'll get from me. One of them has a persistent failure at launch - and there is no hardware or software conflict apparent.

Defecting from Steam will be a horrible idea. I could see them offering Origin on top of Steam as multiple avenues to market their product - but this is just dumb.

ZombieAssassin2653d ago

Wow EA are gonna fail to steam and even GFWL, guess it's better to just buy them on Disc.

aaaaaaaaa2652d ago

Buying games on disc is always the best way & cheaper

zeal0us2653d ago

Most of the comments on their "EA Insider Deal" facebook page consist of ppl saying "Origin Sucks" or "Steam please" or "No Steam, No thx"

Origin isn't a platform like steam or even GFWL the least. It just another name for the EA online store like Comcast Xfinity, hopefully ppl will just go out and buy the games on a disc pc-wise so EA can realize how dumb this really is.

VampiricDragon2652d ago

EA is going to fall hard because of this. People will cling to steam

mananimal2652d ago

thats part of the reason for this whole charade, in my opinion, ...not that any of this matters to me. the ONLY gaming i will be apart of is a console and a disc, the online only gaming is a rip off, and NEVER WILL appeal to me, I choose freedom over slavery.

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The story is too old to be commented.