Ever wonder what the voice of Duke Nukem looks like?

You know them by their Gaming Characters, but have you ever wondered what some of those famous characters look like in "real life"? Sometimes it can be kind of a letdown, but sometimes the voice actors actually look like their counterparts.

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Angels37852737d ago

Nolan looked like drake when he was younger. That picture of Nolan was taken before uncharted was even a series! this is what he really looks like

keith-ps32737d ago

unless u makes video games or are in the biz why do u even know that much less have a link with a picture

Spitfire_Riggz2737d ago

Reminds me of Seth Mcfarlane for some reason

Spydiggity2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

he does kinda look like seth mcfarlane. :-P

as for his similar look to drake...isn't that because of the way they cap it? probably easier if they are similar build. the faces are pretty different, but once you know they are related, you are probably more likely to see more similarities than are really there.

even chloe and elena have a similar look to their voice actors. sully is the most drastically different of the main characters.

the guy voicing duke is pretty beat

sobekflakmonkey2736d ago

I like the guy who did the voice work for Cole in InFamous 2, that guy is in the TV series "The Killing", recognized his voice right away, he even sort of looks like Cole, he did an amazing job.

fanboybeater12737d ago

John St. John looks nothing like Duke...maybe 20 years ago he mighta looked something like him.

kmr19772737d ago

Some ugly dudes..... 'cept for Nolan.

2737d ago
soundslike2737d ago

"And finally, here's the "new" Voice actor of Cole from InFamous II, Eric Ladin:"


That annoying douchebag PR guy from "The Killing"....?!

I can never un-see that now. I knew this would happen clicking on the link lol

Voice actors are better left voices imo.

MidnytRain2736d ago

He's just an actor, calm down.

Electroshocked2736d ago

Well said, it is just text, bubble for you soundslike.

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