The Most Amazing Blood Spurts In Video Games [PICS]

GB writes, "Its no doubt that games which have a lot of blood are on the rise. You can slice , dice and rip them in to pieces. Today we take a look at nine such images which are exteremely gory and of course…bloody."

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Valay2738d ago

I don't know if it's just me, but seeing blood in games really doesn't excite me.

ATiElite2738d ago

try out out one of the STALKER games and watch any living creature walk through a Vortex anomaly.

Lots and lots of Blood, guts, body parts, and more blood.

Overmind4202738d ago

Anything from Thrill Kill would have sufficed.

gameseveryday2738d ago

Pretty gory alright...players can use limbs to take down other players....interesting concept lol

CatSanderson2738d ago

I need to pick Kratos back up again

trainsinrdr2738d ago

My fav bloodspurt would be when i blew tenpenny's head of in fallout 3 it actually went flying of the tower and then i began to dismember his body using my sledgehammer xD


the blood in gears of war looks like rasberry jam.

HeavenlySnipes2737d ago

ghost disagrees.

It makes me know there are still angry fanboys roaming about XD

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