PixelJumpers: Duke Nukem Forever Review

"Duke is worth a look if you hate greedy corporations who take the soul out of art. If you like toilet humour and Jon St John’s voice, take a look. If you want an FPS with a strange pacing, take a look. But for all that is good and holy don’t get this game expecting the Dukester experience. Someone somewhere decided to squeeze Duke Nukem into a box labelled Halo and then told us he was back to kick ass... Unfortunately, it’s more like he’s back to kiss ass." Andrew Storrier, Editor

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raWfodog2736d ago

Just curious...Did anyone think this game was going to be good after it being so long in the making?

NovaXz2736d ago

That's a good point. I think most people figured it was going to be so bad that it's good but it ended up just being bad.