Why EA Only Withdrew Games From Steam?

SegmentNext - "How many games are there that aren’t released on Steam these days? The number will be negligible. EA on the other hand probably wants to challenge Valve’s premier download service or to make an equivalent platform of their own".

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fluffydelusions2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Bad move IMO. I mean cmon the more places the game is available the more revenue. I know they are trying to push origin but this isn't the way to do it. Offer feature not available elsewhere, innovate etc etc.

ZombieAssassin2744d ago

Very bad move, I know how some PC gamers are and if the game isn't available through Steam they won't even bother with it.

Pandamobile2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

This is a retarded move by EA. It's going to hurt their customers and hurt themselves.

BFBC2 sold well on PC because it was on Steam, and they had some great sales fairly early into its lifespan where it went down to <$10. As a result, nearly half of my 100 Steam friends had the Steam version of the game.

I downloaded Origin and I have no problems with the service itself, but dropping Steam in favour of a new, unsolidified market place for their biggest title of the year is just dumb.

nikrel2744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

Wonder how many people will not purchase BF3 due to not knowing about it via steam.. not to mention the DLC debacle....

STK0262743d ago

I'm only using Steam to get my games on PC, with the exception of a few D2D games I bought when they had a sale last year and obviously, my Blizzard games being bought on the... Blizzard Store.

I know about BF3, and it does seem like a great game, but if EA decides to release it only on Origin or to put some quality exclusive DLC exclusive to Origin, I will be greatly disappointed. I refuse to support such an initiative, as doing so could encourage other major publishers to do the same. What I like about Steam is that I can find most PC games on one service, I don't need to have multiple accounts in various services to buy or find my games.

showtimefolks2743d ago

if they are trying to make people buy game from their store and someone is interested they will signup and get it through EA. Now some pc gamers only buy from steam thing with them is if they are really interested they will make the switch for EA games.

also this is the best way to find out BF is a pc series and its EA's biggest game potential sales wise so why not test the market and see

the way i look at it is a smart risk by EA that could cause minor damage but if it pays off it will do wonders for EA

Ducky2743d ago

As the update near the end of the article suggests, the move was due to a disagreement.
That tends to explain why the game is still available on other digital stores.

tplarkin72743d ago

EA is testing the market. They have enough leverage and marketing prowess to sell their games on their own website.

It's inevitable that distribution will not go through one online channel. The internet is too big.

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