Did Cliffy B Spill the Beans on a Gears of War Prequel? - Got Game

Did the developer that everyone loves to hate actually leave a subtle hint to the next game in the Gears of War franchise in his interview on Jimmy Fallon?

We'll let you be the judge.

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xVeZx2711d ago

like they really are going to stop making gears games after gears 3 which is the most preordered game in the world....right....

Reibooi2711d ago

Yeah my thoughts exactly. Everyone acts like it's some big shocking surprise that he is hinting at more gears games.

Of course he is. Gears has become the biggest cash cow Epic has in recent years(aside from licensing out the UE3 itself) and stopping at the end of the trilogy quite frankly won't happen.

metsgaming2711d ago

i find that hard to believe, COD has to have more pre-orders ( though it doesn't deserve it)

cochise3132711d ago

I think it's the most pre ordered exclusive. Cod will likely pass it sad to say. Gears will definitely be a better game without a doubt.

YodaCracker2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Current pre-orders for Gears of War 3 in the Americas are 874,000.

Modern Warfare 3 is sitting at 355,000 pre-orders with the 360 and PS3 versions combined.

So yes, it is currently the most pre-ordered game. It is FAR outpacing where Black Ops and Halo: Reach were this far from their release as well. Gears is a sales beast! By far the best-selling new exclusive IP of this console generation.

HeavenlySnipes2711d ago

said its the most preordered exclusive on the Xbox ever

ZombieAssassin2711d ago

More than Halo? I find that hard to believe.

HeavenlySnipes2711d ago

he says "the fastest preordered Xbox 360 exclusive"

Mista T2711d ago

launch title for the next xbox, you can guarantee it.

Imagining a new gears with a new Unreal engine, awesome.

news4geeks2711d ago

Might even be on the next playstation. Anything can happen.

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cochise3132711d ago

I hope it has the same characters; I'd miss Cole train, marcus, and dom.

ThrazN72711d ago

wow people are complaining on gears being a cash cow? uncharted was released a year later than gears and it's already having a third sequel and a vita game! (also a movie) but the thing is uncharted and gears are QUALITY GAMES

ZombieAssassin2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

I don't think people are complaining just stating that it is EPIC's cash cow...even though I've only seen one comment so far calling it a cash cow (besides yours or mine). You are right though they are both quality games and as long as they keep the quality I wouldn't mind seeing 2 releases of the franchises in a year every year. Still gotta get another xbox though for Gears 3 since it releases on my bday.

ginsunuva2711d ago

No one said gears is a cash cow. At least not until they release a Kinect gears... THEN it will be.

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