More "new forms" of Resident Evil games may be coming, is this a good thing?

Rely on Horror: "People are upset with Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, especially loyal Resident Evil fans. There’s no denying that fact. Slant Six’s entry into the multi-million dollar franchise aims to once again re-invent the series with a tweaked, squad-based gameplay system. Though we already know that Capcomm has expressed their freedom to experiment with the series through their non-numbered “spin-off” entries, could there be more Resident Evil titles heading our way to offer drastic departures from what we’ve been used to?"

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Venox20082735d ago

Resident Evil racer!!!
Resident evil pool
Resident Evil pinball

those above were just a joke :)

Resident Evil Rpg (hey really make a good turn based J-RPG!) :)

RedDead2735d ago

Star wars did it, and the best Star wars games are made by different devs. RTS, RPG, flight sim and Battlefront

GrieverSoul2735d ago

Dont worry guys!
RE Operation Raccoon City will be a flop. The critics will tear the game apart because of the bronken gameplay. You know, you have seen the video. The Umbrella Corps can run and gun and Capcom stated the fact that run and gun doesnt provide accuracy while shooting. So why bother with this game? Its broken before its even out.

See what I did here?! :)

Kurisu2735d ago

I think Resident Evil needs to go back to its roots. Loading stair steps and doors included. There needs to be an actual element of HORROR.

Venox20082735d ago

I want more new REs with old good fixed camera.. it added horror :)

bronxsta2735d ago (Edited 2735d ago )

They just don't understand do they?
I'm not the biggest fan of RE but love slow-paced survival horror.

All we want is a scary, sweat-inducing experience that's low on ammo and high on zombies and pants-shitting moments.

If they want to reboot the series, start fresh and cut away all the convoluted plots, fine. Just make it scary and tense and not focused on action.

kookie2735d ago

Instead of making Operation Raccoon City why didnt they make a new Resident Evil outbreak.

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