Modern Warfare 3 versus Battlefield 3: the War of Words

In the first of a new feature series, OXM takes a look at the EA/Activision PR war.

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the_best_player2686d ago

You can't do a versus with these 2 games cause Battlefield 3 looks a gen above MW3 in all areas.

dirigiblebill2686d ago

BF3, obviously, but I reckon MW3 will be a solid 8.

HK62686d ago

8 out of 100 maybe. Also, why does the picture for this article look like the two soldiers are holding hands?

fullymoated2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

More CoD hate on the comments, how original. When will you learn that BF3 is completely different gameplay and it will not steal CoD fanbase?

CoD fans do not want maps with 32 or 64 players, they want to find the person who just killed them, and quickly. CoD fans enjoy the large combinations of perks, they enjoy the way the guns aim down sights, and they are addicted to the intense non-team-based gameplay where kill-death ratio is your bragging rights.

Personally, I am excited for BF3 and hope that it's awesome! Looking forward to console footage tonight on Jimmy Falon.

BF3 devs and fanboys seems to be most concerned with being #1 in sales. It's not happening. Why not just be happy that battlefield looks awesome, sounds awesome, and is a fantastic team based game? That's good enough for me to pick up and play.

_CoD-Pro_2685d ago

its no battle bf3 is awsome. i still will buy mw3