Top Ten Superhero Videogames Of All-Time

We look into some of the best super-hero videogames ever made below.

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DarkCharizard_2711d ago

Batman AA is not the best super-hero game.

RedDead2711d ago

Why? Authors opinion, I haven't even played it, but it is supposed to be brilliant is it not?

Kee2711d ago

they never ranked them, man. It's a vote. There are no numbers next to them.

My favourite of the list was spiderman 2. Closely followed by infamous.

Queasy2711d ago

Hmmm...tough choice of limiting that to just 10 games to be voted on. There are others that could be included.

tyson432711d ago

No City of Heroes and no X-Men Arcade?

Valay2711d ago

Didn't like Spider-Man 1, but I loved Spider-Man 2.

Saryk2711d ago

Where's DC Universe Online!

I had to guys!

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The story is too old to be commented.