Shadows of the Damned - Bird Boss Battle (Official Video)

EA released a brand new Boss Battle Video of Shadows of the Damned.

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trainsinrdr2562d ago

This game defeats its own purpose.

THWIP712562d ago

...if that purpose was to give some Japanese devs a shot at the hardcore Western markets...which it's obvious that's what this is.

It's so funny to read quotes from these guys about how far behind Japan is in game development...then they jump ship, only to churn out mediocre generic garbage like this.

Der_Kommandant2562d ago

Slayer of pendejos like you


captain-obvious2562d ago

i just cant get this game

Like WTF
it looks like this Pedro Mexican/Spanish guy
is trying to look and dress like some japanese (cool kid) and he slays demons with alien weapons

W T F ?

ClaveroRulz2562d ago


Welcome to a Shinji Mikami-Goichi Suda game :)

THWIP712562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

...we would no longer have to suffer through ugly UE3 games with washed-out colors, from 2006.

We have Mirror's Edge, the Mass Effect trilogy, a ton of 360/Kinect titles, etc. that all prove it's possible to have a pleasing color scheme with UE3. This garbage looks like something that got aborted 5 years ago, then EA picked it up and decided they could make a quick $ off it.

EDIT: You Sony fangirls need to get off my jock already, and stop stalking me and disagreeing with my every post. I know it's you, because there's no way in hell a normal gamer could disagree with what I posted. GTFO, you insecure little nerds.

Studio-YaMi2562d ago

Seems you're the one insecure here "assuming" that fanboys are stalking !

Rampaged Death2562d ago

I'm so ready for this game !

zanzibarlegend2562d ago

yeah i don't get the hate. it actually looks like a fun title. the combination Mikami and Suda should make for a kick-ass good time. definitely will give it a shot. to each his own i guess.

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