PS3 will last 'a minimum' of 10 years - Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment is not only sticking to its guns on its predicted ten-year life-cycle for PS3 - it's told CVG that it sees a decade as the minimum lifespan of its current home console.

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DarkCharizard_2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Cool.. But PS4 will be out by then!

Focker4202739d ago

Obviously, but it'll still be selling. Just like how the PS2 is today.

sikbeta2739d ago

Nothing new here, PS3 will be like PS2, damn PS2 still selling and refuses to pass away :P

TheTwelve2739d ago

Remember when people were saying that Sony had to kill the PS2 for the PS3 to sell well?


NAGNEWS2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )


iam from the future and playing The Last Guardian and Watching the movie 2012 on my PS4

edit: the cool part is that you can play your ps3 games on the ps4

El_Assenso2739d ago

I'm from the future too and I'm playing Final Fantasy Versus 13 which comes out in 2015!! Lol!

malamdra2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I like the idea of Ninty and MS releasing in 2012 and 2013 respectively and then Sony on 2015

it wouldn't be much overlap of games like now and therefore a good reason to have them all

NAGNEWS2739d ago

now they have real-life security guards

Tank_Commander_E62739d ago

Can you imagine not upgrading your computer for 10 years? I'm sorry Sony but that's no going to cut it and if you have any desire of recapturing the lead then are going to have to change up your strategy.

darthv722739d ago

There is some truth to this in that sony will continue to manufacture the hardware for that duration but the support for it regarding software will have long since moved on.

We can see with the amount of software support the ps2 gets as compared to the ps3. PS2 has lasted longer than 10 years and will continue to be sold so long as there is a market for it. Dont go expecting the flood of titles like we are seeing on the ps3.

There are two ways you can look at this. You have manufacturing support and software support. Manufacturing support for the ps3 will be solid like they are implying. Within this time however we will likely see a successor and with that the level of software support will shift. That doesnt mean the hardware is obsolete.

By all means the ps3 could get to that ps2 level of saturation provided pricing is mass market level. Perhaps it will be looked on as a kids toy and bought in droves for $99.99 for all new up and coming gamers. Very much like the NES when the SNES and genesis were hitting their stride.

Hicken2739d ago

These are not computers; they're consoles. Deal with it.

Additionally, Sony's already taken the lead: they have sold more systems worldwide than Microsoft has. Just saying.

ChrisW2738d ago

I feel like I've read a similar article like this last year... and the year before... and the year before that.

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jony_dols2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

'it's always worth pointing out we're still selling PlayStation 2 in its millions around the world, 11 years after it was launched.
That's different markets and a different profile of consumers but there's still some vibrant demand. That for me bodes extremely well for where the potential of PS3 will go."

That just means that Sony will still be producing PS3's for emerging markets in 5+ years (just like what Sony are doing the PS2 at the moment), however we'll likely see the PS4's release long before the PS3 hits the 10 year mark.

Active Reload2739d ago

I wish they would hurry and drop the price, so I can buy a few of them.

t0mmyb0y2738d ago

If PS2 can still be sold, PS3 should do ok

iforgotmylogin2739d ago

some one said it in a comment
graphics wont be boosted that much
and as long as the same games are on ps3 and ps4
more ppl will get the ps3 over the ps4.

so unless sony kills off the ps4 there's no reason to get one unless its backwards compatible and has its own exclusives.

but wiiu will be a step up for wii owners so it will sell because people can see the difference.

Just_The_Truth2739d ago

and the PS4 won't be a step up? Way to go you've earned "the it doesn't make since to anyone but me" badge. Please follow mario to the back of the stage to receive your honorar friend code. j/k but that last sentence was just desperate.

Kyur4ThePain2739d ago

"Doesn't make since..."

iforgotmylogin2739d ago

alright let me explain it for you since you are such a joker.

say for instance this is portal 2 on ps4

and this is portal 2 on the ps3

they look identical to the average consumer
so they think to themselves
why would i buy a ps4 for 599$
to play the same game that i can get on the ps3 for 249$

they look the same so yeah unless there's a step up in graphics i dont see why there would be a need for a ps4 unless it had its own exclusive line

gamingdroid2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Here is a thought... it won't look the same!

It has been 6 years since the Xbox 360 was released, and by the time we get another console it would at least 8 years. That is an eternity in the computing world. Think 8-years ago dual-core was just about coming onto the scene....

We are in the order of a magnitude faster now and even if you could only get half of that speed, 2-3x the ram and heavy optimization there is no saying it won't look as breathtaking as today's high end PC games are.

Heck, despite a lower resolution iPhone games are starting look as good as Xbox 360 and PS3 games in your pocket!

The main issue is that the hardcore gaming market really isn't large enough to support another release as far as I can tell.

TenkoTAiLS2739d ago

Try telling that to the trolls over in the Wii U topics, even tho it's been 6 years they think the Wii U will be the same or worse than current gen, then the same people come onto the topics about the next Xbox or Playstation and say what a great leap the difference in 5-8 years will be. It boggles my mind!

Ddouble2739d ago

"so unless sony kills off the ps4 there's no reason to get one unless its backwards compatible and has its own exclusives."

You said it yourself. Sony's got many First party studios so there's bound to be exclusives.

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dcbronco2739d ago

I don't believe Sony means they won't release another console before 2016. They will release the PS4 in the next few years. Even if they wait until 2014 they will be in the same position they are in now. Microsoft will release in 2012 with Nintendo. It's their belief based on their research that the one to market first usually wins. That was the thinking on the 360 and it has worked for them. Why change now. And even though the Wii U would release at the same time, it's believed that they won't be fighting for the same market.

Nintendo is smart. The good will they have built up with the Wii will continue with the Wii U as some of the younger kids get older and want a little more HC experience. Just holding onto that market will do well for Nintendo. Bringing out a cheap($299) console every four or five years will keep them in the game while staying profitable from day one.

MS will launch a far more powerful console to remain the HC leader and pull the exclusives based on that power. A new machine 4 or 5 times the power of the current machine. They can do that cheap with a modern modded current GPU and a 10 core CPU. And they can remain cheap. Especially if they use a modified Xenon with the GPU and CPU on the same die.

It would then be up to Sony to decide if they want to continue to fight for the HC or accept their current position. I think they will launch a PS4 with a modded Cell and more powerful GPU to keep cost down. They may beat the Wii U, but will be less than the 720. I think the Tsunami hurt their ability to continue at the same rate as MS.

thtruth5742739d ago

The ps4 will just as powerful as the 720. they own the cell manufactoring plant so the new cell wont cost that much for them to produce. They will add more ram and put a more powerful GPU in, as will microsoft in there 720. The formula for making a better console isnt complicated. And we saw what cluster ps3s can do. All sony need is 2,3, or quad core cell (which will be cheap for them) and add some more ram and a better GPU. The PS4 will be awesome as well as the 720.

dcbronco2739d ago

They bought that plant back from Toshiba. But it is believed it will be used for something other than Cell processors. CMOSs for HD cameras. But adding cores to the Cell is the way to go for Sony. But it's also the way to go for MS. And MS didn't have a tsunami to deal with and almost 4 billion in losses to go with it. If they had started to transform that plant into a CMOS plant and now need to go back to Cell it will cost them. If there was damage from the tsunami on the plant. It was in Nagasaki, but there might have been damage there. MS doesn't have to deal with any of those factors. The losses could cause Sony to wait to move on to the next generation to cut cost. Which could lead to a bigger hole than the one they started with this year.

They do have two things in their favor though. The US is so hated in the world many won't buy and American product. And Japan doesn't buy American consoles. I remember seeing the interviews with people in Japan asking why they preferred the PS2. Many said the 360 was too big. This time the Sony console was bigger and they still didn't buy the US product. The truth is they love Sony. Sony has supported them and they return that support. And that won't change next generation or any.

pain777pas2739d ago

The PS3 can last a very longtime IF it is supported. The system will seem like a steal at 199 or less. Plus if they continue Vita and PS3 connectivity even midst the PS4 days Sony is strategically going to recoup on the PS3 one way or another. Smart strategy Sony.

snaz272738d ago

that's funny, mine lasted 3 years, then the blu ray died!

nanometric2738d ago

That's funny, mine lasted 2 1/2 yrs, got the YLOD, then I bought a slim.

snaz272738d ago

pieces of shit aint they! I swear they make stuff to brake these days, i mean when the laser went there was no warning, no error message, nothing, it just wont see any discs anymore! I won't be buying another when mine totally dies.. I suppose i should be grateful! Atleast it didn't yellow light on me.

nanometric2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

I blame Greanpeace, lol, but seriously thanks to the lead free solder we get YLOD.

And you should be grateful, I lost 100+ hrs on Oblivion, Fallout 3, some 50 on Deamon's Souls, just to name a few :/

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hudsoniscool2739d ago

This doesnt mean the ps4 wont launch until atleast 2016. It means the ps3 will be in production until atleast then. That means the ps4 could come in 2013 but the ps3 would still be produced for atleast 3 years after that.

The Meerkat2739d ago

What is the PS2 at now?

11 years+

THWIP712739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Just because some small factory in China still makes them, doesn't mean it's still viable. Very few devs/publishers still make mainstream games for the system. Support trailed off dramatically about 3-4 years ago, with the exception of Wii ports, and quick money grabs like garbage movie tie-ins. Anyone still buying a PS2 in the past few years, is likely just replacing an old one, or getting something for their kids to mess with, to keep them off their PS3/360.

The relevant "lifespan" of the PS2 was about 7 years.

EDIT: LOL...some people don't understand 100% facts when they see them, I guess. Disagree all you doesn't change anything.

cochise3132739d ago

Because you don't know what you're talking about. PS2 still sells believe it or not.

buckley2739d ago

100% Fact: The Playstation 2 was released in the year 2000 and new games were still being developed and released for it until the end of 2010. That's a 10+ year life.

Not a 100% Fact: A subjective opinion of what a "lifespan" is. So your statement actually became more false after the edit.

SasanovaS19872739d ago

hey kid, ps2 sold 7 million units in 2010 alone...quit your yapping

MysticStrummer2739d ago

Try posting something that's 100% fact instead of your own definition of what "lifespan" means, then we'll see how many people understand it.

Drekken2739d ago

Well now... Nothing to see here, just some dopey child getting owned on the internet.


Sony is the only Company supporting the previous Gen Console, is profitable, PS2 still selling.

When Sony officially announce no more support for PS2 Production (like they did with PS1), then officially you can say PS2 is not more viable.

Ddouble2739d ago

PS2 is expected to sell 4 Million this financial and sold 6 million last year. I'm sure they are all not replacement

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2739d ago

THWIP71 : All I heard from you is a a combination of bashing and words that you can't even back up. Get over yourself please.

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theonlylolking2739d ago

Sony needs to release the PS4 in 2013, 2014 maximum.

news4geeks2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

I hope they release the ps4 in 2016/17. Ps4 will again fail like the ps3 if they try again a year after microsoft.

edit: no I'm not having a laugh. Sony will fail going straight up against microsoft. They should miss a few years then come back with a bang with the best console at a great price.

ps: ps3 failed in the sense that it lost it's massive install base and following from the ps2. ps3 wins in terms of games.

CynicalVision2739d ago

2016/2017? Are you having a laugh?

Nineball21122739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Will again fail?

Damn, I hope I can "fail" like the PS3 has, in my career. That'd be pretty sweet.

longcat2739d ago

at the end of its life cycle, ps3 would have outsold every home console made by every other company in game history.

Thats failure i can live with

dredgewalker2738d ago

Let me get this straight, the ps3 having sold about 50+ million is a failure? FYI even if the PS3 sells for a loss there is a reason why Sony keeps more than 20+ studios making games for it. If you can't figure this out then get yourself a decent education.

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Fishy Fingers2739d ago

Longer lifespan means more chance of actually turning a profit and perhaps cover some of the initial loses from the PS4.

hudsoniscool2739d ago

my friend there is no chance those loses will be recouperated, it like 4 billion isnt it.

Biggest2739d ago

Is it 4 billion? You say it as if you know it and don't know it at the same time. Every company gains and loses money. You have no clue as to how much, from what, and from where any of it happens. Playing video games will not make you a financial expert.

hudsoniscool2739d ago

@ biggest
sorry that was a retoricle question. I thought that was obvious. sorry it isnt 4 billion its 4.7 as of late 09.

going from there finacial statements they could have made up to 500 million since then but with the psn fiasco its back to atleast 4.5 billion dollars. So yes i do have a clue.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2739d ago

hudsoniscool : Do you work for Sony? Because you're in no position to talk about losses when this happens to every company.

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MsButterbean2739d ago

@Hudsoniscool What loses? They were in the black in both 2008, 2009 and 2010, and their stock is currently listed under "Buy". (That means they're considered profitable). They posted a lower profit in 2009, but overall SONY was in the black. Don't believe me check out their annual company reports, or are you basing your argument on some old "news" article from JoyStiq?