Memory Card Slot for PlayStation Vita Exposed

Sony has showed off numerous of their PlayStation Vita at the E3 Expo 2011. Despite the tremendous hype however, they have kept the ‘under-the-hood’ specs a closely guarded secret. Although everyone knows what the device looks like, few have seen the plastic case opened up.

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viperman2402741d ago

Wonder how the final version is going to look like.

LionheartAce2741d ago

Since it's coming out this year, I would safely bet on the current design being pretty damn near final.

snipermk02741d ago

Yea.. I'm happy with this version if its the final retail model. But a myterious HDMI looking port? Come on Sony.. What are u upto? There's another mysterious connector at the bottom of the device that Sony is being secretive about.

ABizzel12740d ago

According to Game Informer there is an HDMI port on the PS Vita, unless it was an error (check their June issue).

As for the port on the bottom more than likely it's the charging port, because it looks very similar to the one on the PSP Go.

Dramscus2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Not surprised. The thing has bluetooth so you can use a ps3 controller, it's mega powerful so it could possibly put out 720?.
It's not just a portable it can be a home console too.
Wouldn't that be great.

Though it probably wouldn't provide 2 player split screen.

They would almost be competing with themselves but would probably just end up selling more of both because of the cross comparability.

I can go on the road and when I'm at a hotel I can plug my vita into the tv link the controller and play away. Then when I get home transfer my save to the cloud and continue on the ps3.

malamdra2740d ago

this is like tech porn ("look at this hole")

Dramscus2740d ago

yeah but this is more exciting.

StbI9902740d ago

More exciting than porn? YES...more exciting than a no but fuuuuuuuu DO WANT.

iforgotmylogin2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

just so everyone knows, im 70% positive that it is some hdmi port
if you pay attn to the e3 vids
when they tech demo the psp
everyone plugs in a purple or green cord into the psv down there and it came up on the big screen.

HeroComplex2741d ago

I really hope the "mystery port" on the left is for video output!

Fishy Fingers2741d ago

Well if it is, Sony were talking BS when they said no video out.

HeroComplex2740d ago

Maybe the video out wasn't working yet?

@Thecraft1989 - It doesn't look like another card slot. Look at the picture DrStabwounds posted below. I know there's supposed to be another card slot somewhere but that doesn't look like it.

Thecraft19892740d ago

Sorry to disappoint but the small one is this

Its Sony new format it looks similar to memory stick micro m2 but these are not and designed specifically for vita

Now big one is for this obviously.

GamersRulz2740d ago

What so disappointing in this?

Thecraft19892740d ago

Snake4ever no mini hdmi port

Tempist2741d ago

Hey remember that pic that showed the PSV's Games and memory cards in that handy carrying case?

No surprises here. Lets roll on.

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The story is too old to be commented.