Lulzsec. Who the hell is William P. Davis?

Thinking that someone has broke the unknown behind Lulzsec better think again. Thinking lulzsec would be that stupid, I doubt it.

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Hufandpuf2470d ago (Edited 2470d ago )

The lulz here is the Rainbow Poptart Cat, not Lulzsec.

consolez_FTW2470d ago

...What if Lulzsec is that stupid. What if they actually screwed up this time..LULZ!

ShoryukenII2470d ago

I'm sure the FBI is looking into it now. We'll find out soon enough if he gets arrested.

Zanarkand2470d ago

Lol what a coincidence. I play Nyan Cat on my Htc HD2. What an awesome game. :P

SYNTAXeRror2470d ago

lulzsec sounds more like an ant-acid, than a hackers group

DragonKnight2470d ago

LMAO! Too true. +Bubs for hilarity.

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