The Future of Gaming: Unified by Steam

VGW: Even though most IPs cross the boundaries of multiple platforms, the experiences are completely siloed, forcing a brand-loyalty that pays dividends to the console makers instead of the game makers. It creates an artificial community based on hardware instead of the more organic communities that spring up around individual games or series. I don’t naturally think “these guys are my Xbox friends and those guys are my PS3 friends.” Instead, I tend to want to organize my friends list into “People who want to get together to smite evil,” and “people who want to rock the f*** out on plastic instruments!”

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Dramscus2737d ago

Had this thought already.

They will obviously strengthen ties with the ps3 as their already in there.
Plus since gabe has been bashing live for being a closed system again and praising psn's open'ness he's probably working on something psn related right now.

We can all pretty much assume there's a new valve game coming to the ps3 in the future.
What will be really neat is to see if they strengthen ties in the future.
I don't think a total convert to steam but maybe a tie in, use steam for the friend system and matchmaking then have a psn store maybe crossed with steam if they get into that next gen. Hell I'd go for being a total back end for it but it's unlikely with sony's already large back catalogue of digital games they need to maintain compatibility with.

BeastlyRig2737d ago (Edited 2737d ago )

It's not that I want steam to control everything! But the steam service is just so top notch & user friendly! It's what xbl players would pay for if they could!

Things like free cloud saving is becoming more & more popular on steam though steamworks, 1Gb of cloud storage of in game screen shots[Press F12 i think],deals every single day of the week,Valve game support,constant updates,mod tools for valve games,downloading servers,Achievement like the consoles have,in-game chat, in game web browser,steam guard(Intel tech security), they give your money back on pre orders,SLOW but reliable customer service, They support cross play with console[PS3] & I hope PS4! They also have big picture mode coming so you can play your pc games on in the living room more comfortably, They are releasing a PC exclusive later this year[Dota 2] that most likely will be updated, modded & supported, Valve puts in a lot of effort to keep me happy & it's all free! Amazing..

These thing should be common practice!

If any service can match it or beat it I will be first in line to join!

2737d ago