Console vs. PC redux: how mobile gaming will reshape the industry (again)

They're a growing threat, these simple games with their simple designs, simple controls, and simple graphics. They don't offer the full, premium experience that the real gamers want. They aren't hardcore enough. They aren't serious enough. They're just too... casual.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi2713d ago

The times are changing I suppose. I use to dislike PC fanboys but now I understand why theyre so bitter towards console players. The same thing that happened to them is happening to us. I refuse to use a smart phone for dedicated gaming. Stupid casual gamers ruining everything. /bitterness

TBM2713d ago

Agreed I just don't see how anyone can get the full richness from gaming other than playing on home consoles, PCs, and handheld gaming devices.

To be gaming on smartphones, and tablets is just not gaming.

Ranshak2713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Well many things got dumbed down due to consoles.

FPS games never used to have regenerative health or noob aim assist. RPG games actually used to have stats and needed some thought into the way people wanted to develop their characters.

DA:origins was possibly my goty 2009(PC version) after the dumbing down with DA2 i never bought it.

PC gaming still does get its share of complex games Shogun 2 being a recent example.

Mostly everything is getting dumbed down, PC gaming is the last hope for the hardcore gamer with games like Arma 3, Red orchestra 2 coming up soon ;-)

ct032713d ago

I would have to agree. Just look at LA Noire or the next Hitman. Everything is being simplified and dumbed down more and more.

nanometric2713d ago

I'm sorry, but I have to call BS on that, I mean consoles and PC's have co-existed since since almost the begining of gaming. It's not the consoles that are to blame for dumbing down games, just look at FFXIII, but it's the result of gaming becoming too big i.e. extremely commercialized. You should blame EA, Activision among others for dumbed down games, cause they are the ones responsible for wanting to adhere with every possible demographic by making every game easily accessible.
Long story short, its all about the $$$ at this point, imho.

Substance1012713d ago

What platforms do you think support those same casuals that Activision or EA are tryint to cater to?

Hint its not the PC.

VampiricDragon2713d ago

dumb what if article with no basis in reality

CNXN2713d ago

it will never be able to be mass marketed and compete with extremely more powerful tech and consoles that have the ability to almost disregard size. Where as the phones and tablets are usually restricted to size and smaller processors.

well that's how i see it anyways but what do I know