New L.A. Noire DLC case "Nicholson Electroplating" trailer coming tomorrow

SystemLink says: "Just when you thought you couldn't get enough of L.A. Noire and its already expansive DLC, Rockstar reminds you that this is truly the case. Come tomorrow, check out the official L.A. Noire webpage for the brand new Nicholson Electroplating trailer. Yeah, it's totally arson this time."

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MysticStrummer2712d ago

I still haven't finished the game. I thought it was so cool at first but lost interest, so no DLC for me.

SeraphimBlade2712d ago

It'll be good to have a straight-up arson case that doesn't tie into the main conspiracy. I thought it was an interesting desk that didn't really get to shine because the plot decided to get seriously moving.