Forza 4 info blowout: Kinect, Top Gear, Career mode, Gameplay

Turn 10 game director Dan Greenawalt gave CVG a private presentation of Forza 4 at E3 2011 last week - going through all of the most important aspects of the game.

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Paradicia2740d ago

Shut-up and take my money, turn10.

Yi-Long2740d ago

... I just want a whole lot of new original tracks to race on. That's all.

I don't care about Kinect, I don't care about Top Gear, and 'career' would be nice, but not if we're racing over the same old tracks again.

CernaML2740d ago

Liking the sound of the new career mode. Forza 3's calender system thing bored me to tears.

Loving the Jeremy Clarkson commentaries.

Pyscho_Mantis2740d ago

I love how this guy talks so much bullshit. Remember Forza 3 anyone..."our physics engine is ahead of anything right now even for the PC frankly its on the cutting edge of science" LMAO. Same thing hes just hyping up te graphics with all this talk of "bloom lighting and some new light model" but when I look at the gameplay its only decent. Those graphics aren't the best I've seen in a racing game on a console.
Whats more he hasn't mentioned any new gameplay features:night cycle? rally? weather?
I am not buying unless some new gameplay feature is announced.

candystop2740d ago

Oh quit hating...Gt5 doesn't look this good so what other console game are you talking about?

Objective2740d ago

Haha Psycho, you are right of course, only those few "essential" features found in GT5 ever really matter... So do just stick to your GT5, while us "ignorant people" enjoy other unimportant features that GT5 doesn't have!

Apocalypse Shadow2740d ago

He might be talking about that game that looks better in the game and not the options screen.

Or the one that has most of those features already and is not copying another.

Or the one that has sold more and produces REAL race car drivers from a developer who is a REAL race car driver. and not just be a videogame.

CptFlashHeart2740d ago

Looks fuckin' great tbh :)

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