Gears of War 3 demo on Fallon victim of untimely glitch Bleszinski confirms

XMNR: Gears of War 3's Tuesday night appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon showcased a battle against a giant Lambent monster gnawing on a ship. Things didn't go quite as planned though as neither Fallon or Epic Games' Cliff Bleszinski could not get 'massive damage' on the creature's weak spot due to a glitch.

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Focker4202375d ago

Seems like a little bit of karma to me. Insignificant yes, but still karma nonetheless.

Paradicia2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Karma, how so? What has cliff done that warrants the ending of the game he's trying to promote to cut off at the end of a demo? No game is perfect, its just unfortunate that these things happen.

Besides it wasn't like a major game breaking glitch, he just switched to the pause menu in respect to the time he was allocated on the show

bub162375d ago

"Cliffy B pokes some fun at Sony, has a good time on Fallon"

KILLERAPP2374d ago

One extra year of development and the glitches are still there so much for glitch free gears...

Queasy2374d ago

@KILLERAPP: It was delayed from a Spring release to a September release. That's a couple of months...not a year.

radphil2374d ago

"Besides it wasn't like a major game breaking glitch"

Actually...not being able to damage a boss effectively CAN be game breaking.

radphil2374d ago

Apparently 2 people never played any games like Shin Megami Tensei, or just like to troll.

Game0N2374d ago

thats what ya get cliffy bitch

BLAKHOODe2374d ago

glitches happen. had he never said anything, nobody would have even knew it was a glitch - they'd just dismiss it as jimmy fallon sucking at video games. besides that, the game's release is still 3 months off - plenty of time to fix such glitches - and what game HASN'T released without a single glitch?

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