Will AT&T Offer Unlimited Data Plan for PlayStation Vita?

When Sony unveiled their exclusive partnership with AT&T towards putting 3G on the PlayStation Vita last week during Sony’s Press Conference at E3, a lot were dismayed. Why? It’s because the provider doesn’t offer an unlimited data plan.

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Pixel_Enemy2715d ago

My sprint HTC EVO has unlimited data and it can share it with other devices like the PSvita. AT&T can suck it

qface642715d ago

AT&T?.. unlimited data plan?.. HAAAA HA HA HAHA HA HA LOL

NukaCola2715d ago

I had AT&T with my iPhone 3G and the data was unlimited for $30. Is AT&T really going to stiff gamers?

dubal-e2715d ago

thats the way to go cos AT&T lol yea right

SuperStrokey11232715d ago

Will it really even need it? You wont game over the 3G and the stuff that is on 24/7 isnt data intensive. Most people will get games off wifi as its easier and faster as well.

fluffydelusions2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

They won't. This is AT&T. You don't have to sign a contract for an iPad but there is a limit for any of the iPad plans they have and there is no unlimited option. I'm sure PSV will be the same way.

Ethereal2715d ago

Well as long as it is somewhat affordable and no contract I am in. If not, it's wifi all the way.

Christopher2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

If they do, expect to pay upwards of $80/month. Otherwise, they will never go back to anything like the $30/month unlimited plan. They got rid of that quickly once the data usage on iPhones and similar smart phones got way more active than they ever thought it would.

Luckily, some of us are still on said plans due to being legacy customers. But, I can only transfer that to a new phone and not a new "device."

MightyMark4272715d ago

Im still on my unlimited data plan for the iPhone. They keep on asking me if i want to change my plan and i tell them, hells to the no lol

Marceles2715d ago

lol yeah one of the only good things about being an early adopter

joab7772715d ago

Really, 3g, not 4g by the time it releases. My goodness flash sucks on 3g. Anyway it was a bad move partnering w AT&T. It will eventually have to migrate like apple did, if they want a broader base. And AT&T couldn't handle the data traffic from apple. This makes no zense

MightyMark4272715d ago

if you have an unlimited data plan on a jailbroken iphone, u can always tether the Vita's wifi to the iphone for free :)

Christopher2715d ago

It just means that AT&T offered them the best deal to promote and sell their product. Really has nothing to do with who is the best. The alternative might have been to go with Verizon or similar, but at a price point that is $50 more than they wanted.

just_looken2715d ago

just a fyi they said at e3 there going to announce more carriers also xperia play had only 1 carrier but after it came out lots more carried it rogers in canada is a huge sony carrier. get 2 xperia plays at rogers and get a free ps3

Christopher2715d ago (Edited 2715d ago )

Yeah, I think AT&T is NA only. Definitely varies from region to region.

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The story is too old to be commented.