Batman: Arkham City Penguin will be “really nasty”

BeefJack: "The Penguin has never exactly been the most intimidating of Batman villains – but Rocksteady Studios are out to change all that in Batman: Arkham City, turning the character from a joke into a “real nasty piece of work”."

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theonlylolking2739d ago

Will he have 3 testicles like that fat guy in RAGE?

trainsinrdr2739d ago

i think you mean borderlands lol

XxBarretxX2739d ago

Give him a evil moustache maybe?

Spartacus54052739d ago

Make him walk like a pimp(he is one I think)

MWong2739d ago

This should be very interesting to see the new mobster image of The Penguin. They should give him a build like The Kingpin and a multi-task umbrella.