Wii Fit and Other Games Coming to Wii U

Nintendo have brought a huge amount of domain names recently and by looking at these we can possible predict games that will be making an appearance on the Wii U. This come from previous news that domain names where beginning to be aquired.

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Thepcz2737d ago

oh really?? i thought the wiiu wouldnt have any games.

what a rubbish title for the article

LoaMcLoa2737d ago

Breaking news! The Wii U will also feature a controller!

dangoesforth2737d ago

lol its supposed to be a list of games now presumed to be coming to wii u, the title u'd be referencing to would be, There will be games coming to Wii U on launch....

Jejojaja2737d ago

I'm a bit more stoked for the "other games"

gaffyh2737d ago

The other games are Wii Sports/Play etc. That's probably what the site means anyway.