Close-up pictures of the Wii U

Japanese gaming website 'Inside Games' have posted some close-up images of the Wii U showing the new console in more detail.

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Dramscus2739d ago

it's very small. Don't expect too much out of the specs.
The cpu is capable of much but will probably have to be clocked down for heat in the tiny box.
Same with whatever video card they go with.

Should still be a bit quicker than a ps3. Comparable at the very least.

Should last nintendo for five more years.

Peaceful_Jelly2739d ago

it looks even smaller than the PS3/Xbox slim and it's supposed to be more powerful. How Nintendo crammed everything into such small space is pretty impressive. But it'll obviously have an external power supply like the old Xbox otherwise it would be impossible.

Dramscus2739d ago

if their using 35nm for everything and have the settings low enough they wouldn't use much power and could get away with an internal one probably.

mamotte2739d ago

Actually, size isnt THAT kind of a problem. There are notebooks like the alienware m11x, with a complete pack of technology inside, like a Corei7, a powerful GPU, 8gb RAM and a Hard Disk. So I dont see why putting togheter less expensive parts in that box should be a problem.

As a personal opinion, I've always tought that consoles could be half sized if they used, idk, 32-64 gb SD instead of a big and noisy disc tray.

Dramscus2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Therem are cost reasons why they don't do that. They don't euse the best chips, the best heatsinks, or the best fans. They usually use midgrade or else you would end up paying 600-1000 dollars for. Just like what happened with the ps3. None of that stuff in it was cheap enough to be marketable but they put it out anyway and it only started selling well recently.

They won't use solid state anything aside from maybe 8 or 16 gb flash chips (like from a usb stick) because actual ssd hard drives are mega expensive. I think nintendo is already on record saying that it doesn't have a hdd and that it has 16 gb of flash memory.

The people disagreeing with me don't know how business and manufacturing and sales and technology work. Just go on with your wishful thinking. Be very disappointed.

ILikeTurtles2739d ago

It can be much more powerful than a ps3 even if it's smaller, the PSU will be external like for the wii and 360 and the ps3 regular/slim is bigger than the wii u because it has an internal PSU + the wii U will probably use SSD or Flash memory=smaller & no data corruption risk.

SuperStrokey11232739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

No ethernet port? Seriously? I thought they said they were getting serious about online gaming...

People are disagreeing why? It really doesnt have a ethernet port people and Nintendo really wanted to get online this time. At least say why you disagree...

Beahmscream2739d ago

What about extra controllers for friends/family? I'll bet those things will be a fortune to buy..

Gamingisfornerds2739d ago

There does seem to be an ethernet port to me.

If you look at the right on the back. It looks like an ethernet port on the bottom and two usb ports above it. All cramped together in that little spacing.

SuperStrokey11232739d ago

there is no ethernet port there.

Gamingisfornerds2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Maybe I'm mistaken, but what kind of ports are they then? Since you seem so convinced..

Gamingisfornerds2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

Hmm, on closer inspection it looks like there's probably just two USB ports, divided by a spacing in the middle, and the ethernet port is indeed missing.

The ports looked too big to be USB, but if you look at the HDMI port and then compare it to the bottom port on the right, it's too small to be ethernet. I think I initially misjudged the dimensions.

*Sorry to disappoint my loyal agree-ers..haha!*

SNEEKZ0NER2739d ago

I'm sure that when they release this it'll have an ethernet port.

zinkabass2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

That is kinda fucked up,.. Lol,.. I even would not mind ethernet port on Vita, :),...

I really don't like them being so damn cheep and careless, when it comes to my damn gameplay experience,... and they really need to put real analog sticks on the controller,.. and I'll be really cool with wiiU,..

Price must be very competitive,.. or this will not go very well for Nitty, if they do this kind of shit,.. especially if Sony drops the price of PS3,..

(edit: If there is am ethernet port,.. than ignore my comment and sorry nitty)

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rickhunter892739d ago

how about bring the gamecube 2 plzz

tigertron2739d ago

Now that I support. The only bad things about the original was the lack of third party support, no DVD playback and it only had like...1 online game.

rickhunter892739d ago

one of the best nintendo consoles was the gamecube the worst wii.

OpenGL2739d ago

Well, technically two if you count Fantasy Star Online: Episode 3 and Episodes 1 & 2 as different games.

OhMyGandhi2739d ago (Edited 2739d ago )

they could call it Game²

edit: but does it blend?

edit: on topic: Shiny white thing. not much to look at, but it must have a power brick the size of the 1st gen 360...

rickhunter892739d ago

but will it blend?? that is the question.

TLG19912739d ago

keep it, to small for any serouis power. looks like they are still going to make money from the family/children market.

shame i was realy looking forward to a nice powerfull nintendo console.

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